Peace Freak

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Michael Maddox has never been one to compromise or shrink from controversy. During his lifetime, he has earned a reputation for following his heart, and for living according to the dictates of his personal conscience. Michael's reputation for "telling it like it is" has profoundly affected his approach to writing Peace Freak. The book boldly and truthfully relates the events, adventures, and misadventures that have shaped his life, as he and his wife, debi, more than thirty years ago together embarked on their journey to discover genuine peace of mind and spirit.
    Peace Freak draws the reader into the mind and heart of an earnest seeker, who wholeheartedly explored the hippie and peace movements; the drug culture; Transcendental Meditation; and the unseen, spiritual realm. Michael and debi pursued every lead in their quest to discover the true source of love and peace. What they experienced during their amazing, startling journey is simply astonishing. This book is a must for fellow seekers.

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