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Event Organizer & PR Agent
Dr. Michael Maddox - Highly Regarded Event Organizer & Public Relations Expert.
Michael has organized and promoted events throughout the U.S. & many foreign nations utilizing major venues (i.e. Madison Square Garden).
For many events, he has appeared before city councils and governmental agencies in order to obtain waivers & special use permits.
Dr. Maddox has also coordinated extensive advertising campaigns to promote both his client's events and his own. 

Still Traveling Michael & debi Story Maddox have a heart for missions.  In 1974, they helped establish one of the first full-time Jesus People ministries in Europe, which soon evolved into a worldwide missionary ministry.  Michael has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, Israel, the West Indies, and El Salvador, to organize and promote major events and for personal ministry.  In addition to leading arts missionary teams to various nations, Michael & debi have established a support network for lifelong missionaries facing retirement.  
Singular Purpose Dr. Michael Maddox's resplendent spiritual history and storied experiences have served him well as the president of an esteemed, out-of-the-box, non-profit work called Project Peace on Earth.  Other titles applied to Michael include: pioneering Jesus Movement leader; international crusade director; event organizer/promoter; public relations guru; knowledgeable, inspirational teacher; noted author/poet; insightful family counselor; and experienced producer of radio and television programs.  Michael's self-effacing, servant spirit has endeared him to both Christian and secular leaders.    

Highlighted Work

Wordivore World was authored and illustrated by debi Story Maddox. The book is best described as an imaginative, allegorical tale revolving around the "Wordivores," creatures who live on and by the words that they speak.  More
Peace Freak by Dr. Michael Maddox - He has never been one to compromise or shrink from controversy. During his lifetime, he has earned a reputation for following his heart, and for living according to... More
The Lightning Bolts and Butterflies collection of poetry and prose provides insight into Mike and debi's hearts and spirits. debi describes many of Michael's poems as striking her as lightning bolts, which is in keeping with his straightforwardness and uncompromising More
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